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Now Make your Visitors more delighted to visit your premises with basic freedomofusing their Mobile smart phones with our Packplus mobile camera Labels.Hira Holovision is proud to launch Tamper Evident labels to hide Mobile Camera lens. Our new tamper evident labels are affixed to a Mobile phone / Tablet PC / Laptop's camera lens to protect visitors from taking photos of your secured data, drawings or machines in any industry restricted area, research labs, Software Development centres, Highly secured Government Institutions, Defence manufacturingarea, Corporate companies, High security areas etc.

Our Mobile phone camera security sticker enables you to permit your valuable Visitors / Vendors / Customers with their Mobile Phone in to your premises without any hassles.

Packplus Custom Security Mobile camera Labels & Custom Mobile Labels, are tamper evident labels. They are affixed to a camera phone's lens to prevent photos of secure data or on a laptop's ports to prevent network access, or even affixed to a door to monitor if it's been opened.They can also be used on other applications which require Privacy.Totally removing, partially removing or even peeling the edges of the label will produce a visual indicator that makes it easy for your security team to quickly identify. Each Packplusmobile camera Label is sequentially numbered giving them an unique identity.Choose from one of the standard labels, or get creative, we can custom make nearly any shape and size as per your requirements.We can also custom print your logo and design on the labels based on your requirements.At HHV we respect the “Right to privacy” and we always work on new technologies and solutions to provide the best products and solutions to our customers.

Our Labels can work with majorly all kinds of branded smartphones, cameras, electronic devices, etc.,Our labels, are barcode scanable security labels that are customizable to meet your needs. Designed to work with the All kinds of smartphones, Tablets, Electronic devices, iPhone, iPod and iPad, we can adjust the size, color, logo even add special security features. Our tamper evident technology provides a visual indicator if they are tampered with. If the label is partially or totally removed there will be evidence.

We have a several security labels to meet your needs, smartphone labels, camera phone labels, laptop port labels, even chaperone labels.

How it works ? :
When any one trying to peel the label (i.e. totally removing or partially or even peeling the edges of label) our label will start displaying VOID OPEN symbol as indicator that makes it easy for the company's security officials to identify quickly.

Key Features of our Security Labels :
Our Custom Mobile Camera Labels & Mobile Camera Security labels are coated with Residue free Removable adhesive so that the label's adhesive is easily removable without any stain on your Visitors Mobile Phones. Our Mobile phone camera security stickers helps your company's objective of protecting your trade secrets & practices completely. It is very useful in todays Era where Data and technology plays key role for any corporate enterprise. At the same time, Your visitors go back with their expensive smart phones without any adhesive stain. Beyond the above, every company's Security team at their Visitor Gates are taking huge responsibility of collecting the Mobile phones from Visitors and providing them token. This requires more space at Security area, additional man time, chances for mobile exchange confusions etc. Our label performance eliminates these activities and saving organisation time in a big way.

Additional Information :
  • Minimum Order Quantity : Any quantity as per your requirement

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Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
  Mobile Camera Labels  
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
  Mobile Camera Labels  
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
  Mobile Camera Labels  
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
  Mobile Camera Labels  
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision

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