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With changing times, Hologram labels and stickers have also become the preferred choice of many manufacturing companies that are engaged in manufacturing of products for regional and international markets. As Hologram labels are easy to apply on product, these stickers are difficult option for counterfeiters to duplicate or black market the product. Further, as process of manufacturing hologram stickers is unique, it becomes equally difficult for the stickers to reproduce.

These Hologram Stickers are meant to make the products more attractive with its 3-D photographic appearance that made these stickers more vibrant colorful and shiny. These are highly suitable for labeling high quality products.

Product Details :
Minimum Order Quantity 10000 Order
Brand HHV
Color Custom Made
Design Standard
Finishing Type Standard
Folding Type Standard
Material Standard
Packaging Type Standard
Pattern HHV
Shape Custom Made
Size Custom Made

Additional Information :
  • Pay Mode Terms : L/C (Letter of Credit)
  • Port of Dispatch : Chennai-Banglore
  • Production Capacity : 100000000 pieces per day
  • Delivery Time : 15 days
  • Packaging Details : As per international quality standards.

Custom Hologram Stickers :
  • Custom graphic is embedded and integral to the sticker
  • Tamper evident (hologram stickers self-destruct when removed)
  • Silver metallic, coloured metallic, or transparent
  • Sizes can be custom made
  • The customer has the choice to select the kind of security required.

The Working Process :
Ideally, hologram stickers are manufactured as light is reflected from any object and is later re-enacted in manner where subject seems to appear in different positions to hologram viewer. We can offer these Hologram stickers in form of long sheets with silicon release papers that not only meets criteria of companies but also helps them in securing product identities.

Hologram Stickers with Rainbow Transmission Technique :
With coming of "Rainbow Transmission" technique, holograms sticker manufacturers are using ordinary light for 3 day replication in hologram. The technique used is unique. Here, surface print is used on plastic film that is followed by aluminium mirror coating. This generates 3-Dimensional effect that makes these perfect to be used for credit cards and security tags. However, these hologram stickers are a costly option for product manufacturing companies.

Here, our expertise lies in offering hologram stickers that have good depth and help in maintaining originality of products. We also ensure the quality of hologram logos and counterfeit stickers offer customers :
  • Real time solution
  • Gives them completely professional line of hologram sticker choices

The 3D/2D hologram sticker option offered by us is designed keeping in view two dimensional layers with images through visual intact. Further, these 3-dimensional images are also easily replicated, thus making hologram stickers and label manufacturing process both easy as well as symmetrical in nature.

We are well recognized in the market as a professional manufacturer for :
  • Laser security holograms
  • High security labels
  • High security anti-counterfeit holograms
  • Hologram masters

Further, we can also offer :
  • Hologram labels
  • Hologram foil
  • Anti-counterfeit labels
  • Infra-Red Ink Printing with 3d and 2d holograms

Production Process :
We focus involved production process as per the specific needs of the customers. Here, our expertise lies in bringing necessary modification in production plans so as to match up with the stickers and labels to meet counterfeit problems that clients encounter when they introduce product line in open market.

Please ask for free Hologram label quote as well as samples that will save money as well as add uniqueness to products like never before.

Holograms for Packaging :
We offer hologram stickers that help in creating unique as well as attractive complement to meet the packaging safeguard needs of products. Further, as per the research, consumers also perceive higher value for products that feature holograms. Some of the common areas where these stickers are used in include :
  • On documents
  • Collectibles
  • ID Cards
  • Retail goods
  • Other important assets

Importance of holographic sticker :
Holographic sticker is an effective anti-piracy method that finds usage by many top companies who want their end users to receive original article. Being colorful in finish, these quality stickers can also be made available with custom imprint with option of :
  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Consecutive serial numbers

Further, if our customers need to order more stickers, we would also be happy to store them for future needs. Some of the USP's of the labels include :
  • Labels constructed of durable polyester film
  • Adhesive used is permanent acrylic that is compatible with most papers, plastics as well as other non-porous surfaces
  • As these are Tamper evident polyester labels, these have printed silicon release under hologram image which when removed self-destructs the hologram image
  • Background colours & imprint inks used are colourfast for exposure to sunlight for at least one year
  • Resolution of custom imprint is as per customers defined security requirement

Benefits of Hologram Stickers :
  • Made to secure the products against counterfeit, the benefits of hologram stickers include :
  • Most suited for labeling quality products
  • Custom imprinted Hologram Stickers that are offered with option of text, logo, serial numbers
  • Choose from different range of hologram labels & security packaging products
  • Silver, collared or transparent hologram stickers that are tamper evident (hologram stickers self-destruct when removed)

What we provide :
Ready to ship: 14 Days Optional RUSH service :
  • Transparent hologram stickers; custom designs available
  • Custom imprinted with text, logo, serial numbers
  • Choose from wide range of hologram labels as well as security packaging products
  • Tamper evident available (hologram stickers self-destruct when removed)

Ready to ship: 2 weeks Optional RUSH service :
  • High Security Hologram Stickers
  • Constructed using high performance materials
  • use of high strength adhesive to bond to most surfaces
  • Very complex
  • Can also be custom made as per size security type and requirement
  • Hologram Stickers can be customized
  • Custom graphic embedding option an integral to sticker
  • Tamper evident (hologram stickers self-destruct when removed)
  • Silver metallic, colored metallic, or transparent
  • Sizes can be custom made
  • The customer have choices to select kind of security required

Team Support :
Here, our team of experienced professionals handling the business activities ensure competent hologram labeling solutions are offered to our customers. We also manufacture range of hologram labels that are ideal for authentication and find wide usage in areas like :
  • Paper (bonds, stock certificates and bank notes)
  • Plastic products

With the delivered labels highly recommended for their unmatched quality, we also ensure that these special self adhesive labels come recorded on special film laminate as per the specified art work needs of the customer. With offered range of hologram labels used in different industries for meeting the security and branding demands, our team ensures the products are widely preferred to provide desired security and authentication to the products. Further, these hologram stickers are also virtually impossible to duplicate/replicate when used in areas like security purposes, brand, brand authentication and promotion.

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Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
  Hologram Stickers  
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
  Hologram Stickers  
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
  Hologram Stickers  
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
  Hologram Stickers  
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision

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