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Holographic Paper Labels

With changing technology, the production and labeling techniques has also changed. The development of holographic paper labels is a concept that provides all in one labeling solution. In earlier times, the trend was to use labels, barcodes and holograms that needed to be applied separately. But, with new technology, all this can be incorporated in one single step. Here, customized solutions can also be offered from our end.

Label Advantages:
These labels have three in one advantage that is these offer labels, hologram and barcoding in single step. This helps in saving costs, time as well as labor. With these labels having wide usage in different industries, the new technique used is more sophisticated as well as it provides superior in terms of security. As compared to traditional method of holographic paper labels that have strip on one side of hologram, we we offer hologram on labels which makes it more unique as well as also help in branding and meeting the enhanced security requirements.

The range offered by us includes:
  • Hologram paper labels with strips
  • Hologram paper labels with register images

The impression/ images of holograms are :
  • Embossed on lacquered (tamper evident coating)
  • Metalized polyester film
  • Special heat activated adhesive coating is provided in foil that enables user to laminate holographic strip to substrate that uses attachment in customer's existing lamination machine/automatic lamination machine.

Further, these holographic paper labels are also well recognized for creating brilliant visual effects as well as offering evidence against tampering. As a measure of authenticity of object, here we ensure that these holographic paper labels are offered at cost effective prices. Some of the areas where these are recommended for include :
  • Brand Protection
  • Continuous Affixation
  • Labour reduction
  • Automation in packaging

Our Expertise:
Expertise in providing quality holographic paper label solutions in bulk

These holographic paper labels are available in variety of differentiation that completely match individual requirements of business

Expertise in providing clients hologram stickers that keeps identity foolproof and gives security to products when launched in international markets

Our expertise also lies in providing real time holographic solutions through custom range of:
  • Roll form labels
  • Anti-counterfeit labels
  • Holographic hard aluminum foil
  • Holographic paper labels
  • Cartons
  • Holographic scratch coupons
  • UV Ink Printing
  • 2D / 3D Hologram Labels
  • Holographic Shrink Film

Why Us :
When offering quality holographic Packaging, scratch Holograms and other solutions, we stand different from the competitors. Here, our focus lies in manufacturing highly customized labels and stickers that provide advantage to clients as well as make presence felt. Further, as company’s logo or hallmark is designed to provide unique appeal, we also ensure that the Holographic paper Labels offer solutions for business be it selling them in online or offline market. Here, we also keep in our mind importance of products and not let any loopholes to cross that would counterfeit company’s logo.

Use of Latest Technology Standards :
We also make use of high end technology for meeting the requirements of manufacturing Holographic paper Labels as well as in ensuring that clients confidence of securing business is safe and secured. Further, the originality of Holographic paper Label is also manufactured as intact. The use of optical laser stickers by us which are designed by incorporating latest technology is also rare to be duplicated. This it becomes difficult for counterfeiters to make an exact copy. This ensures that smart laser stickers and labels offered by us that endorse your brand in local market provide complete safety to your products as well as allow you to enjoy complete monopoly on products.

Optical Holographic Paper Labels :
The optical holographic paper label solutions offered by us are precision designed by us so as to achieve complete peace of mind from counterfeiting and duplication of products. The use of this solution by the manufacturers assures them of complete reliability and at the same time also provides them desired confidence to introduce their products in national and international markets. Here, our expertise lies in offering this laser made stickers to separately fit on :
  • DVDs
  • Files
  • Electronic and electrical products
  • CD's videos
  • Folders
  • Books
  • Storage

Our other expertise in field of stickers and labels :

We also hold specialization in manufacturing :
  • Bar code sticker
  • Shipping sticker
  • Scale sticker

Further, in cases where client has specific laser sticker requirements, we also hold expertise as well as have necessary infrastructure to successfully undertake customized manufacturing of labels and stickers that meets clients’ requirements completely.

Holographic Paper Label with VOID Feature :
Our Holographic Paper Label with VOID feature helps in providing more authenticity of label to companies as well as buyers. These stickers are made available by us with options of highlighting viable information like :
  • Batch no.
  • MRP
  • Manufacturing date

Here, the use of high security hologram and invisible UV printing also allows our labels to offer customers greater security against counterfeits and possibility of tampering.

Why These Labels :
These flawless and superior quality holographic paper labels are well recognized in the market for successfully creating brilliant visual effects as well as at the same time also offer evidence against tampering. Offering a measure of authenticity to an object, we offer these holographic paper labels at cost effective prices. Some of the areas where these Holographic Paper Labels are highly recommended include :
  • Brand Protection
  • Continuous Affixation

Security Labels :
We manufacture these security labels with the aim of achieving higher brand protection as well as achieve greater prevention of tampering the products. With these sealing labels being tamper proof, the holograms can be printed on them in accordance with requirements of clients. Some of the security materials where these security labels can be applied include transparent, translucent, frangible, void and metallic tamper films. Further, our expertise also lies in offering our quality conscious customers complete customization possibility of products by offering them these labels in different sizes and colors.

Finish of Labels :
  • The impression/ images of hologram are embossed on tamper evident lacquered coated metalized polyester film
  • Then a special heat activated adhesive coating is provided in foil
  • This allows user to laminate holographic strip to substrate using attachment in customer's existing lamination machine

These Holographic Paper labels can be designed by us to successfully provide both aesthetic looks as well as security in a single label. Offering cost effective solutions, here we also allow users to incorporate variety of information and security features on these including :
  • UV ink
  • Magnetic inks
  • Inkjet numbering

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Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
  Holographic Paper Labels  
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
  Holographic Paper Labels  
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision

Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
  Optical Holographic Paper Labels  
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision

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