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Hologram Shrink Sleeves

We are considered as one of the leading Holographic Shrink Sleeves manufacturers and suppliers in India. Accessible in various shapes, sizes and colors these sleeves are considered as a special solution for bottled products. These shrink sleeves comes with a holographic strip can be applied on the bottle tops (neck of the bottle). The basic material used in the production process of these holograms could be paper or plastic depending upon the application area. In addition to this, it is supplied in continuous tube form, cut to size, or preformed to the shape of the closure depending on the application requirement.

Advantages of Shrink Sleeves Holograms:
  • Special tamper evident tear away feature
  • Do not tamper with the contents of the bottle and prevents refilling
  • Stops counterfeiting and duplication
  • Possibility for reverse printing to prevent marring and scuffing during transit
  • Sleeves with tamper evident holographic stripe
  • Can be produced in roll or in pre-form
  • Provides proof for authenticity of the bottled goods
  • Can be custom designed with name of the company, logo, etc.

  • Pharma Industries
  • Liquor Industries
  • Mineral Water Industries
  • Beverages Industries
  • Perfumes Industries
  • Processed Foods Industries
  • Cosmetic Industries

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Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
  Hologram Shrink Sleeves  
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision
  Hologram Shrink Sleeves  
Hira Holovision Hira Holovision Hira Holovision

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