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We are a well reckoned name in the field of Hologram manufacturing. As paramount hologram sticker manufacturers and suppliers based in India, the hologram seals and hologram products being offered by us are a type of self-adhesive labels made on metalized polyester films. The usage of these films lies in authentication of valuable documents and branded products.

Offering these holographic seals at pocket friendly prices, some of the standard features of these seals include :
  • Made on metalized polyester film with customized designs
  • Used for authentication and security of branded products as well as valuable documents
  • Based on unique holographic technology that provides scope of incorporating multiple security features that enhances protection & visual appeal of seals
  • Security seals come with Tamper evident properties that provide clear indication in case of any attempt of removal of seals
  • Tamper evident seals being supplied have different release properties that can be decided as desired by the customers
  • These Holographic images are also used for promotions with introduction of attractive images
  • Seals supplied in sheet/roll form of different shapes & sizes

Working :
Holographic Seals work in two different ways. First way is when attempt is made to lift these that lead to their fragmentation. The second way is security seals leaving behind on label surfaces distinctive pattern if the same is lifted/ replaced.

White Destructible Holographic Seals :
White destructible Holographic seals are thin films which are similar to PTFE Teflon tapes which are used by plumbers for sealing pipe joints, Being a very strong adhesive, it works on almost any surface. The low stiffness of the label allows it to be used on :
  • Pebbled surfaces
  • Ridged surfaces
  • Other textured surfaces

These equally well work over screw heads where these are about impossible to remove without getting torn/destroyed. With the material outdoor rated, the seal is not abrasion resistant. Further, as this tamper proof seal is nonconductive in nature, it can also be directly applied to :
  • Computer chips
  • Other electronic components

It helps in identification of computer components that are under warranty and allow writing on material using ball-point pen. . Further, as material is particularly pliable, it gets easily attached on items like wire connectors and serrated caps on bottles.

Why Hira Holovision :
Some of the factors that make us the most preferred names in the field of manufacturing of anti counterfeit hologram, 3D hologram stickers include :
  • We are leaders right from the initial days in providing quality hologram label solutions in bulk
  • Our hologram stickers are made available in variety of differentiation that completely match with individual requirements of businesses
  • We can offer these hologram labels in different colors including Transparent, Red, Gold and Blue (without any cost appreciation!)
  • We dedicatedly work towards our unified goal of providing clients with hologram stickers that keep their identity foolproof as well as provide desired security to their products when launched in international markets
  • We hold expertise in providing real time holographic solutions through custom range of :
    • Roll form labels
    • Anti counterfeit labels
    • Holographic hard aluminum foil
    • Cartons
    • Holographic paper labels
    • Holographic scratch coupons
    • UV Ink Printing
    • 2D / 3D Hologram Labels
    • Holographic Shrink Film
  • We clearly understand real importance of hologram labels and ensure all hologram labels manufactured are designed taking into account international quality standards into consideration
  • We maintain our focus on manufacturing solutions that can be applied/used in different industry segments
  • We ensure all our customers get best customized deals from us
  • The innovative finish provided to our labels and stickers ensure these significantly help in safeguarding products from counterfeiting
  • We concentrate on providing services in the right manner so that clients get best solutions for safeguarding both new and old line of products against tampering/counterfeit
  • Expertise in providing solutions that meets the demands of :
    • Complete security authentication
    • Brand authentication and imaging
    • Keeping complete control on counterfeit protection
  • Other than regular range of 2D hologram stickers, we also take pride in offering customized 3D holographic sticker solutions as per the defined criteria
  • We keep in mind immediate need of clients and their product inventory, thus ensuring complete safety of products
  • We hold expertise in manufacturing unique logos for exclusive line of products for clients
  • We ensure complete identity is maintained of products where these solutions are used in at all costs

Chrome Security Label :
These chrome security labels are made from polyester and have permanent acrylic adhesive that ensures leaving behind a checkered pattern on the surface in case the Holographic seal is removed. With the adhesive requiring room temperature for minimum 36 hours to cure, the solutions are perfect for surfaces including :
  • Painted and bare metal
  • Many other smooth and clean surfaces

Why these labels :
These Holographic Seals are designed to successfully withstand rough handling, thus making them last for years. Further, these Security Holograms are based on modern manufacturing techniques and use of superior quality raw material that makes them highly preferred in the market. Moreover, the high usage value of the range being offered makes them preferred to check counterfeiting of products and documents.

Some of the other reasons that make this first choice of the customers include :
  • A wide range of hologram stickers that is equally preferred in diverse industries for security as well as branding purposes
  • Easy to apply as these hologram stickers are of self adhesive type
  • Tamper evident solutions, thus making them perfect to be used on various substrates for helping protect, secure as well as authenticate different items
  • Any tampering attempt easily identifiable as stickers cannot be removed without destroying
  • Made using latest technology that makes these hologram stickers virtually impossible to duplicate/replicate
  • Can also be custom designed in different sizes with option of company's name and logo Precautions required

Being metallic in property, the foils backing on the label are considered conductive to electricity and due precautions need to be taken when used with electrical devices. Here, special pens that are used for marking surface of CDs can be used to write on smooth surface of these Holographic Seals.

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