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FAQWe are making a complete attempt to answer the most frequently asked question about holograms and holography, If you still have any questions or queries do write to us.

We will try to answer your question. We may also add it to this page. This way you would help us to make this page more interesting. Thank you for your visit!

What is a Hologram?

Hologram is an image registered with use of coherent laser light.The colours of the holograms are changed when viewed from different angles giving a dazzling and a spectacular visual effect.

Are there any low-cost alternatives to custom security hologram labels?

If your project or product requires a hologram label, but you find the cost prohibitive, you may be interested in using one of our stock holographic images. HHV's stock holograms are our original designs. The hologram security labels can be used as they are, or customized with overprinting or sequential numbering. However, because they are available to anyone who wants to purchase them, stock holograms do not offer the same level of security as custom images.

What is the Minimum Holograms I have to Order???

At HHV we accept orders for any quantity however Big or Small.

What are the Different Kinds of Holograms????

Holograms as such can be broadly classified into four categories but their features are endless.
  • 2D/3D Effect  Normal Level security
  • Kinetic Animation Effect  Medium Security
  • Dot Matrix Effect  High Level Security
  • E-Beam Effect  Highest Level Security
  • Photopolymer holograms  Ultimate Holographic technology till date.
  • As the level of Security Increases the Origination Cost also increase.

What is the largest hologram you can create?

Our brightest, highest quality holograms are 6" x 6" or smaller. Depending on the artwork, we can work with larger pieces. If you have a specific holographic project in mind, we'd be happy to discuss it with you.

Do you make any other products besides hologram labels?

Yes. We have recently started to manufacture the complete range of Holographic Products which include Holograms, Hologram Labels, Holograms in Spool Form, Holograms with variable information, Holograms with Serial Numbering, Inkjet and Laser Numbering, Hologram Stickers, Holographic Labels,Security Labels, Hologram Masters, Hologram Products, Hologram Pouch, Hologram Shrink sleeves, Holographic Induction wads, Holographic Laminates, Holographic Films, Hologram Tape, Holographic Hot stamping Strips, Combi grams, Hologram hot stamping Foil, Transparent holograms, Holographic Threads, Pharma Seal, Pharma stripes, Holographic solutions for Pharma Industry, Holographic Paper Labels, Holographic Scratch, Holographic aluminium Foil, Holographic Paper Board, Holographic Wide web Films.

What kind of artwork do you need to create a hologram? How do I submit it?

If you are Interested to make a hologram for your brand or company just send us your Logo, Company name, Website, picture or any such matter which you want us to incorporate in the hologram Preferably in Corel Draw format by E-Mail.If you do not use this software you can as well send us in JPEG, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, ACROBAT READER, GIF IMAGE, TIFF IMAGE ETC., We will customize your hologram design and send you the same for approval.

How will I be able to tell if my hologram security label has been tampered with?

We offer a variety of materials that your labels can be produced on. Tamper-evident material will destruct when removed. The top layer will separate from the metallic underside. The holographic image will be left behind on the product, and the label will be destroyed. We also offer selective release material. When someone attempts to remove the holographic label, a "VOID" pattern will be left behind to signify tampering.

What advantage do I have in doing business with Hira Holovision, rather than some of the other hologram companies?

The answer is simple; HHV is a fully integrated professionally managed custom hologram label manufacturer. We are equipped to handle your security hologram label job from concept to finished product. All processes are in-house, allowing us to precisely control security, quality, and cost. We provide the Best technology, security, quality and pricing for our valued customers.

What is a Hologram?

There are 3 Major reasons why Holograms cannot be duplicated are:
  • The cost involved in trying to copy a Hologram is huge.
  • There is always an Upgradation of New Technologies and Applications in Holography.
  • Holograms cannot be copied as it is because of the very nature of Holographic Technology. It is like if the same Holographer was to make the Master of the Holograms twice he would end up two Different Holograms.

Holograms are very secure.In fact they are trusted worldwide by leading corporate and government organizations.Holograms are also used Worldwide in over Forty currencies.

Can you make special shapes?

Yes, we can make special shapes as per your logo and design.

How can Hira Holovision assure us the Security of our Holograms:

We pledge and assure you of 100% Secrecy and Security of your Holograms manufactured by us and take 100% Precautionary measure at all levels of our Business cycle.

How thick are the labels/stickers and tape?

They are 24 microns thick, and remember they have permanent adhesive and you have a choice of non-tamper evident, 'Void' tamper evident(Once stuck, if removed the hologram and adhesive will be left behind with the word 'void', making it impossible to transfer or copy) , or 'full release' tamper evident (Once stuck, if removed the hologram and adhesive will be fully/partially left behind, making it impossible to transfer or copy) as standard! For a small additional cost we can provide labels upto 50 microns thick.We have also introduces Customised Text tampering wherein the name of the Client or the Logo will appear on Tamper.

Do you offer colors other than Silver?

Yes, we can also offer Gold, Copper, Aqua Blue, Voilet, Purple, Forest Green, Black, Transparent, Red, Light Green and Royal Blue. The choice is yours!

Does the tape have a release liner?

Yes, in order to protect the tamper evident feature. But you can still use it with a normal hand tape dispenser. It comes on a standard 76mm core.

Do I get a proof?

You will get an Adobe PDF or JPEG visual of your hologram prior to production. It is not economically viable to make a true hologram proof. However, if this is essential, we can quote you for a proof separately.

What is the lead time?

From start to finish, around 15 to 20 working days.We also have a Special Service wherein we can supply you Holograms within 10 Days which very few companies worldwide can do.

Can I have them with sequential /serial numbers?

Yes, we can laser mark them, this makes them extra secure and provides a small transparent number on the label without detracting from the hologram. Please ask us for a quotation.

Can I have them on rolls?

We only produce large volume orders on rolls.

Why cant Holograms be duplicated?

It is almost impossible to replicate a hologram of any type accurately, as it is not a printing process. Different manufacturers employ different techniques. We only keep the master original hologram. Any artwork provided by you, or created by us is destroyed. We can add additional security features P.O.A. However the most overlooked measure is awareness. You and anyone coming into legitimate contact and handling of your hologram, should become very familiar with its' distinctive features.

I only need a very small amount, do you offer any stock holograms?

Yes. Please click here to buy stock hologram labels.

Can you send us any samples?

Of course. Please just e-mail us with your address details and contact name, and we'll get them out to you asap!

Which Industries or Sectors can use Holograms?

The applications of holograms are in various fields like credit cards, license, passports, confidential documents, envelopes, bank cheques, draft, guarantees, bonds, share certificates, books, publications, etc.

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